Gamers often criticize publishers responsible for sports games for only offering minimal updates just so they can sell the same game every year. EA Sports appears to be guilty of exactly that with its soccer game for 3DS.

FIFA 14 for the Nintendo portable is almost nothing but a roster update for FIFA 13. The soccer title features “updated kits and rosters but no updates to gameplay or game modes,” according to a Nintendo press release (as first spotted by Eurogamer). This means the game has the current jerseys and players, but it doesn’t get any other improvements.

Despite doing nothing to improve the mechanics, EA Sports is still charging €49.99 ($68) in Euro countries and £39.99 ($65) in the U.K. for the soccer game. It goes on sale Sept. 26.

That’s an especially high price considering EA could deliver the new roster for free to FIFA 13 on 3DS in an update. At the same time, it’s not wrong for EA to want to get paid for its work, but it does seem a bit much to charge full price for something so minor.

This isn’t the first time EA Sports skipped out on fully updating one of its games on a Nintendo system.  FIFA 13 on the Wii is essentially just FIFA 12 with a roster update.