Apple has resumed sending out updates for its Apple TV software after pulling it over the weekend due to problems experienced by some users.

The update itself, which first came out in beta back in June, contains a few new features. Specifically, this update contains support for iTunes Radio, Apple’s new Internet radio station that’s very similar to Pandora’s algorithm-based streaming music service. And since Pandora isn’t available on the Apple TV, this is a nice addition to those that just want to listen to something new in the background.

The Apple TV update also contains support for Airplay iCloud streaming — meaning you can now push media stored on your iCloud account to your TV screen. There’s also a new Airplay conference-room display mode, the ability to customize subtitles, and an automatic software update mode.

The new update could be a precursor to some bigger announcements Apple has planned in the TV space. Rumors are currently circulating that the company may make an Apple TV-related product announcement next month at a special press event, which could also include announcements about the next generation iPad.

Via 9to5Mac