Developer Relic Entertainment’s World War II strategy title Company of Heroes 2 is getting its first downloadable content.

The studio released Case Blue today on Steam. Players that bought the Digital Collector’s Edition and Preorder Edition of the game will get Case Blue for free. Everyone else can purchase the content, which isĀ available on Steam, for $10.

Case Blue adds a series of scenarios and challenges based on the 1941 German offensive to capture the Caucasus region of the U.S.S.R. The German forces easily captured most of this area before facing heavy resistance near Stalingrad.

In Case Blue, Company of Heroes 2 players take control of the German forces during this attack on its Eastern front.

Case Blue includes the following content:

  • Co-op scenario: Voronezh — The Germans must secure the roads and bridges leading to Stalingrad and must hold the Russian city of Voronezh.
  • Solo challenge: Tiger Ace– Players must command an early-production model of the Tiger tank toward the front lines.
  • Solo challenge: Destroy a Convoy — Use a small band of Pioneers and Grenadiers to stop a Soviet supply convoy outside of Stalingrad.
  • AI battle: Don River — During the Russian winter of 1942, the Soviets launch a counterattack. Players must hold the Don River to avoid losing the gains of Case Blue.
  • AI battle: Kharkov — The Soviets retook the Ukrainian industrial city of Kharkov. Players must command the German Sixth Army in an offensive to reclaim the town.