While the Surface 2 looks the same as last year’s model, it features a slew of compelling improvements under the hood.

At Microsoft’s Surface 2 unveiling this week, I had the chance to speak with Brett Ostrum, general manager for Surface development, who gave me a brief tour of what’s new in Surface 2.

“I think there’s been a lot of learnings over the past year,” Ostrum said. “You’ve seen the success of Surface Pro … The RT product has not had the velocity we expected it to have, so just working through the expectations of what the hardware is, what the software is going able to do, what the ecosystem is going to do, being able to pull all that together … We understand there have to be improvements in the ecosystem and the applications that are there, and the services that come to life, and recognizing all those pieces are part of what makes a great experience.”

Here’s a breakdown of our chat:

  • (00:15) Explaining the Surface 2’s kickstand
  • (01:18) What did Microsoft learn from its experience with the first Surface?
  • (02:00) Looking at the internals: Explaining the new CPU, improved display, and cameras
  • (04:58) How did it get thinner?