The iPhone 5S can survive falls on dirt, falls on concrete, and even complete, if brief, dips into a phone’s worst enemy: H2O. But sadly, it cannot resist the destructive power of a .50-cal sniper bullet.

This is why the world loves Americans:

The self-styled “Tech Assassin” has struck again, setting up a defenseless gold iPhone 5S in a contest against a massive M82A1 Barrett sniper rifle. Face-on, the .50-cal’s 2-inch-long bullet passes right through the iPhone 5S cleanly, barely rocking the phone back at all. Edge-on, however, the .50-cal bullet absolutely shatters the iPhone, leaving just fragments of twisted metal and a cloud of Gorilla Glass dust.

iPhone 5S explodes

Clearly, the “Tech Assassin” has way too much time and money on his hands.

What I’d really like to see, however, is him taking the iPhone back to Apple, right up to the Genius Bar in an Apple store, handing over the fragments, and asking if the warranty covers damage like this.

If so, I hope he records it.

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