Soon you should start to see yet another button next to a person’s name on the web that will help you to follow their activity — but this time, you’ll only want to click if their taste in music matches your own.

Today, Spotify is rolling out its new web follow buttons that will enable users to keep up with those they find who have similar music tastes (or just happen to be really freaking good at finding new music that you haven’t heard).

The move follows Spotify’s push to make its streaming music service more accessible on the web, having first launched web apps earlier this year. And while Spotify is the largest of the streaming music services, it faces an ever-growing crop of hungry competitors.

As for the new follow button, it works exactly like it does through Spotify’s other apps. Clicking follow will allow you to see what a particular person is listening to, as well as the playlists they create, albums they like, and artists they follow.

You can generate your own Spotify Follow button by visiting Spotify’s developer page. You’ll be able to customize the size and color to some degree. The company will even automatically generate a code for you to embed on your website afterwards, too.