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The digital health landscape isn’t what it was five years ago — or even last year. Advances in remote diagnostics, big data, advanced sensing technologies, mobile, and genomics research are enabling patient-powered applications, improved doctor-to-patient communication, and smarter physician tools and insights.

As new regulations take effect in January, Accountable Care Organizations, health insurance exchanges, and new business models will accelerate change. Amid these changes, digital health and data analytics are keys to cost reduction, validation of outcomes, and demonstration of quality.

lisa“Health care IT is a hugely significant part of any success we are having and will continue to have in transforming our health care system from one where 30 percent of cost and care is wasted or the result of error to one where value reigns supreme.”  –Lisa Suennen, managing member, Psilos Group

HealthTech Conference 2013 will revisit trends, opportunities, and challenges uncovered at last year’s event, and will look ahead to solve the greatest challenges in 2014. Top names among health care VCs, such as Lisa Suennen of Psilos Group, Joe Smith of West Health, Maxwell Kahn of Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, LLC, Tom McKinley of Cardinal Partners, and Rafael Torres of GE Ventures, will discuss how the evolutions of health care, Internet, and mobile worlds are transforming consumer health.

tom“Companies such as Teladoc are leading the revolution in health care delivery by delivering cost-effective, high-quality, convenient solutions. Digital technologies can improve care and access while lowering costs.”  –Tom McKinley, general partner, Cardinal partners

This year’s HealthTech Conference investor panel will feature both VCs and entrepreneurs. Five start-ups will be selected by the audience and panelists to give a 5-minute presentation to our panel of investors, who will in turn provide feedback on their models and advice on their specific markets.  Together, founders and VCs will identify the most significant HealthTech developments from this year and discuss how they’ve had significant impact on entrepreneur and investor goals and strategies moving into 2014.

One thing that sets HealthTech Capital apart and a leading reason that the team built HealthTech Conference is the entrepreneurial focus. There is an inherent need to bring together HealthTech investors, providers, and potential partners (leading health care companies who are depending on the innovation developed by these startups) – with entrepreneurs — to create a platform for idea sharing and visibility as well as a safe place for all members of this ecosystem to collaborate together to solve the greatest challenges facing healthcare innovation.

don“Disruption in our health care system is creating a tsunami of entrepreneurial opportunities. But the landscape is complex. In January, a new wave of insurance regulations will hit the scene. The old ‘fee-for-service’ model is being remade, and reimbursement rates are under pressure. Physician income is static, and national pharmacy retailers are moving aggressively into the primary care market. Market forces are driving hospital mergers and acquisitions. Against this backdrop, the HealthTech Conference is bringing together key opinion leaders and entrepreneurs to identify the opportunities and define the challenges.” – Don Ross, founder of HealthTech Capital.

HealthTech Capital and Stanford Hospital invite you to join HealthTech Conference 2013 on Oct. 30 for a day of ideation which we are sure will set into play relationships, investments, partnerships and significant HealthTech industry energy set to kick 2014 off full speed!

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