Well, you just might be in the wrong business there, Mark.

“Right now, I’m pretty bored with all games,” Zynga founder Mark Pincus told a group of Israeli entrepreneurs after prominent Israeli entrepreneur Yossi Vardi asked him what his favorite games were, as originally reported by Games Industry International. Pincus later clarified that he played a lot of Zynga casual titles FarmVille and CityVille around their releases but hasn’t had that same feeling of addiction since.

Pincus was Zynga’s chief executive officer until Don Mattrick, formerly the head of Xbox for Microsoft, took over that role in July. Mattrick has the daunting task of turning the FarmVille publisher’s fortunes around. Zynga has lost much of its once massive market share in the social games sector.

Zynga declined to comment to GamesBeat.