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Update: 11/19/13: Both Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts are now released. Best current deal is $42.99 for Ghosts whereas there’s a solid 20% off deal on <a href=""Battlefield 4 Premium after coupon GFDNOV20

Another year, another shootout between the top two FPS franchises. On October 29th, Battlefield 4 releases, and one week later, Call of Duty: Ghosts hits the shelves. Both games are priced at $59.99, but this week GameFly has a 20% coupon that works on the PC download version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, reducing its price to $47.99 – a solid $8 discount prior to release. Conversely, Battlefield 4 comes with a pre-order incentive of $8 cash back or $10 in store credit. The preorders also come with extra digital content, with Ghosts getting the Fall of Dynamic Bonus Map and BF4 gaining the China Rising Expansion Pack.

While you obviously don’t have to pick one first person shooter over another (why not both?), the games are on distinctively different DRM platforms too. DICE’s Battlefield 4 activates on EA’s Origin whereas Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts is on the more widely popular Steam. Being Triple-A titles, both games have rarely been on sale during their pre-order phase, and when they are discounted, the sales end as quickly as they appear.

For PC gamers that have sworn off EA’s Origin, the choice of which game to nab is probably clear – or in some cases, very difficult, as there are plenty of Origin accounts out there with only one titled installed ( Battlefield 3). Personally we feel that if you enjoy a specific franchise, you probably should focus on the quality of development on the title, vs the DRM platform its on.

On other gaming deal news, earlier this week we saw the release of NBA 2K14. If you’re buying a console version, you’re stuck paying the full $59.99 retail. However, PC gamers are not only treated to a starting $29.99 list price, but they’ll also receive a further 25% discount thanks to a GMG coupon code for the digital version. That drops the price down to $22.50 – an incredible 62% cheaper than the console versions in the game’s release week.

Hot deals & recent releases

Oct. 29: Battlefield 4 (Origin) — $59.99 at Green Man Gaming. Choice of $8 cash-back or $10 in store credit. Preorder includes the China Rising Expansion Pack which includes 4 extra maps, vehicles, and high tech gear.

Nov. 5: Call of Duty: Ghosts (Steam) — $51. at Green Man gaming after coupon. List is $60. Preorder will includes the free bonus, “Fall of Dynamic”.

Last Tuesday’s release: NBA 2K14 (Steam) — $22.50 at Green Man Gaming after coupon. List is $30. The game was hit with a wave of negative “reviews” on Amazon due to release time miscommunication but was still well received critically.
Nov. 13: XCOM: Enemy Within (Steam) — $20.50 at GameFly after coupon. List is $30. The upcoming expansion to the popular 2012 turn-based strategy game. If you still don’t have Enemy Unknown, the base game is available for only $8 at GMG.

Upcoming Releases

Oct. 25: Demonicon: The Dark Eye (Steam) — $28.80 at Green Man Gaming after coupon. List is $40. New fantasy-themed action-RPG title developed and published by Kalypso Media.
Nov. 12: SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Limited Edition (Origin) — $23.99 at GameFly after coupon. List is $30. The latest (but most definitely not the last) expansion to this year’s early release SimCity.
Nov. 15: Deadfall Adventures: Digital Deluxe Edition (Steam) — $32 at Green Man Gaming after coupon. List is $50. The deluxe edition comes with a “Making Of” movie along with digital artbook, original soundtrack, and two exclusive DLCs.
Feb. 25: Thief (Steam) — $33.75 at Green Man Gaming after coupon. List is $50.

Hardware Deals

HP Envy 17 Quad Edition with GeForce GT 750M — $1,121 plus $9.99 shipping at HP after coupon. Sports a Core i7-4702MQ, Full HD 1080p Display, speedy GeForce GT 750M, and a Blu-ray drive.

XFX Double D FX-795A-TDKC Radeon HD 7950 GDDR5 Video Card — $194.99 at NewEgg after rebate. Comes with 4 free games. Next best is $240 at Amazon.

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