When Narrative launched its life-logging camera on Kickstarter last year, the company raised $550,000 in 38 days. Now, it’s getting another big boost in funding — this time from institutional investors.

The Swedish company, which was formerly known as Memoto, has raised a $3 million funding round led by True Ventures and joined by LDV Capital and Passion Capital.

True Ventures’s involvement is notable, but unsurprising: The firm has previously invested in hardware-focused companies like MakerBot and, more recently, Fitbit and 3D Robotics.

While the concept of life logging is nothing new, Narrative’s camera takes it to another level: The $279 device, which clips onto your clothing, takes a photo every 30 seconds, letting you record even the most mundane parts of your day. The device also comes with a GPS chip and accelerometer, which can be double-tapped for manual photo taking.


Above: Narrative’s camera is small, discreet, and powerful.

In a blog post today, True Ventures founder Phil Black said that the firm was impressed not only by Narrative’s early traction, but also by the device’s wide variety of use cases, which include travel, security, and memory disorders.

Narrative’s camera will start shipping on November 1.