Netflix updated its popular app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch this morning, adding support for high-definition video streaming to your favorite Apple mobile device.

And Netflix now supports AirPlay streaming, so you can watch that really good movie on the big screen too.

40 percent of American 18- to 34-year-old viewers subscribe to Netflix, which is more about the convenience of the service than the content, as Netflix is still missing many key shows. By adding Airplay streaming and high definition at the same time, Netflix is kicking that convenience factor even higher, with high quality video you can watch on your tablet or phone, or flip over to your TV.

Netflix also said that it was adding “playback optimizations” and “stability improvements” to the iOS 7 app, all of which is good. No one wants to have their app crash right before the big finale in a movie.

One caveat on the Airplay streaming: Netflix says you need to disable Airplay mirroring before doing so.

That’s a good thing, I suppose, as it means you can now use your iPad or iPhone to do other things, rather than simply display exactly what the bigger screen is also showing. And it’ll save some of your mobile device’s battery life.

The update is available at the Apple app store.