We asked our community of writers to come together and overwhelm us with stories covering arguably the year’s biggest release, the open-world Grand Theft Auto V. And did you deliver! Below is a bounty of articles from you, covering such aspects of the game as its violence, financial impact, and lack of a female lead.

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Grand Theft Auto V is an unnecessarily violent facsimile of your boring life
By Leigh Harrison

“I used to enjoy the channeled anarchy of the GTA series; its power to cast you as the anti-hero – just without all the consequences. Now, I’d rather it just replicate my workday commute, take me on a little holiday, or allow me to get tattoos – just without all the consequences.”

My vacation in GTA 5 online
By Joachim Beekmans

“After finding the rest of the world boring, I decided to take a vacation to beautiful Los Santos. I may have heard some crazy things about the people and the cars and the police and … well, I’ll just take my time and watch out.”

Grand Theft Auto V’s $1 billion sales mark may herald drastic change in digital marketplaces
By Joe Yang

“The speed of sales of this size means that the public needs to start taking video games seriously, not only as a generator of immensely lucrative products but also as a means of future market behaviors. Video games — and GTA V especially — may have several purchasing advantages over other mediums.”

GTA V: Killing Them Quickly
By Jason Almenas

“Grand Theft Auto V is finally upon us, and it’s already making waves. Reviews are coming in from everywhere, and the game is getting a ton of praise along with some interesting criticism as well.”

Grand Theft Auto V

Above: Trevor is angry because he is Trevor.

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

Why GTA V Was a Missed Opportunity
By Davis Emmanuel

“What I’m saying is that by not making a GTA with a female lead, Rockstar missed an opportunity to change the landscape of gaming forever and for the better.”

Recreating magic: Capturing the nostalgia of past GTA games
By Jake Magee

“Rockstar has successfully created another wonderful, fully realized world that feels alive and dense. But in the back of my mind, one question continues to nag me: Will GTA V be as loved in the future as the old Grand Theft Autos are now?”

Why Grand Theft Auto V makes us feel good about playing bad
By Andrew Moravec

“The release of Grand Theft Auto V has shown that people will collectively pay more than $1 billion dollars to play the villain. That doesn’t mean we all want to be bad people.”

Grand Theft Auto V and the paralysis of indecision
By Jason Fanelli

“Everything’s coming up GTA, and none of us are shocked. I’ve put in a couple of hours, and so far every bit of praise is well deserved. However, I find myself with a recurring conundrum, one that makes me question if I’m a real gamer or not: is this game too big?”