You know you love New Relic. This is the company that keeps tabs on your apps — web apps, mobile apps, the whole enchilada.

Its services have proven such a boon to working developers that we weren’t too surprised to learn the company’s CEO, Lew Cirne, still takes time to write code on a regular basis — not too common among devs-turned-execs-at-larger-companies.

Today, we’re delighted to announced that Mr. Cirne will be speaking at DevBeat, our first developer conference.

Overall, we’ve designed DevBeat to bring you the kind of content you can use in your everyday work as a developer. It’s not just high-level blathering, and there are absolutely no panels. Instead, we’ve got technical talks, interviews on how to make better career choices, and a whole series of Master Classes — workshops that will get you up and hacking with new technologies in an hour. Tickets for this event are selling now and are definitely something you can expense with a straight face.

But more about our new speaker! lewcirneCirne discovered the joy of building software in 1982 when he received his first computer as a Christmas gift from his parents. Three decades later, he’s leading the charge in the multi-billion dollar Application Performance Management (APM) market and has founded two companies that have realized an aggregate enterprise value of over $1 billion.

A developer at heart, Lew still devotes time each week to building software alongside the world-class engineers at New Relic. He’s also a guest lecturer at Harvard and Stanford, and is the subject of a Harvard Business School case study, used each year to teach students the principles of successful entrepreneurship. Lew has an AB in computer science from Dartmouth College and serves on the boards of New Relic and the Thrive Foundation for Youth.

At DevBeat, Cirne’s going to sit down with me and answer some tough questions about compromise and how he balances running a serious business and still making time to do what he loves: write sweet code.

Stay tuned for more DevBeat program and speaker announcements over the coming weeks, and make sure to register today! The room is filling up quickly with hackers of all kinds, so get your friends/coworkers/arch-nemeses together and get tickets while the gettin’s good.

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