We’ve told you about Spinlister before — it’s the company that lets you rent bikes in your neighborhood from other normal folks.

Starting now, you can also rent snowboards, skis, and more from your own neighbors or from people where you’re snow-cationing. No more buying expensive gear you only use once a year. No more renting a gas-guzzling SUV to lug it to the mountains. And it’s launched just in time for the winter season.

Pack the car, Ma; we’re going to Tahoe!

Peer-to-peer sharing is a fascinating segment of the ecommerce/marketplace world. Models like Lyft and Airbnb are achieving huge success with consumers. The word “disruption” is wildly overused in our tech world (thanks, bad PR people!), but the power of crowdsharing is actually disruptive to a wide range of industries.

In a recent chat with Spinlister CEO Marcelo Loureiro, we learned about how he’s turning a peer-to-peer bike-sharing service into something even grander and more useful for more people.

Loureiro is an outdoor sports fiend, and once upon a time, he was a Spinlister investor. When the Spinlister founding team decided they wanted to shutter the company and move on, Loureiro still saw gold in them hills and bought the service from the founders.

Now, he’s relaunched the bike-sharing platform with a vengeance. And an Android app. And a broader range of shareable gear. To date, Spinlister has claimed 12,000 members, 2,000 bikes listed, and 1,500 rental days completed by 1,000 users.

We can easily imagine that once spring rolls around, Spinlister will be expanding its offering even more — we’re thinking kayaks, surfboards, waterskis. Who knows? The great outdoors is the limit.