11. Claim your free sports car (and shotgun)

Sign up to the Rockstar Social Club and link it to your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account to get a sweet ride for free.

When you buy your first property, buy the Elegy RH8 from the Legendary Motorstorm website. It comes in a choice of colors and won’t cost you a cent. Better yet, it has a top speed of 196 miles per hour, can go from zero to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, and has insurance cover.

Signing up to the Social Club will also give you access to a free shotgun, which you can pick up from any Ammunation store.

The Elegy RH8 is available for free if you sign up to the Rockstar Social Club

Above: The Elegy RH8 is available for free if you sign up to the Rockstar Social Club

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

12. Sing in the shower

What better way to wind down after a hard day’s hustling than singing in the shower? If your microphone is on then the game will hear your vocal efforts and reward you with reputation points, or RP (the GTA Online equivalent of experience points). You’ll need an apartment, or access to one, to try this out.

You might want to set your chat options to “No-one” (from the interaction menu) before showering. Or you might not.

13. Play solo to level up safely

Developer Rockstar designed Grand Theft Auto Online for multiple players. That doesn’t mean you can’t play alone.

Start up a “Solo” session from the single player pause menu, under “Options”. You can explore, take on missions, and race with no-one to bother you. The races essentially become time trials when played solo. They won’t earn you any money, but you will earn RP for each one you enter. This is also a great way to practice and build up your driving/flying/riding skills before taking on the world.