You don’t look like the type of gamer who can turn down more BioShock.

Developer Irrational Games is finally gearing up to release the Burial at Sea expansion that takes the characters from BioShock Infinite and places them in a new story in the original BioShock’s setting of Rapture. To promote the release, Irrational just released a video that demonstrates the first five minutes of Burial at Sea. Check it out below:

Burial at Sea once again has players guiding Booker DeWitt on a mysterious adventure to rescue a girl. It’s a two-part episodic story that takes place before the fall of Rapture that players experienced in the original game. Burial at Sea still doesn’t have a release date, but it will retail for $15.

Burial at Sea’s two installments are also part of BioShock Infinite’s DLC season pass. The other is the Clash in the Clouds pack that offers 60 challenges in four new areas.

That pack is still available for $20 from retailers like Amazon.