The Twitter Game seems inevitable. We enjoy watching celebrities get into fights on Twitter, and now we can make money by betting on who will blow up next.

The Twitter Game screen

Above: The Twitter Game screen

Image Credit: BetAmerica

BetAmerica has launched The Twitter Game, a fantasy-sports-like game where you can bet on which celebrities will tweet the most. If this had been in place when singer Miley Cyrus went to war against musician Sinead O’Connor on Twitter, you would have made a bundle. O’Connor took Cryus to task for her recent “twerking” performances, and Cyrus retaliated with a Twitter tirade.

 Joe Bunevith, director of fantasy games for BetAmerica, said his team has studied celebrities based on tweet frequency and popularity.

“It’s a simple game where you pick from various tiers of celebrities who are pre-selected, based on the number of their tweets,” Bunevith said. “The more they tweet, the more you score points.”

A game starts every hour. You can click on the “Games” section on BetAmerica. You can enter by paying an entry fee, ranging from free to $500. You then create a team of five celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Sinead O’Connor. Then you sit back and watch your points roll in on BetAmerica’s live scoring system. If you win, you will earn points toward a cash prize. If a celebrity melts down on Twitter, you’re the beneficiary.

The scoring lasts for a day, and you can see the final results coming in live in real-time. It’s not a graphically beautiful game, as you can see from the text-based user interface. But it could be a way for you to make some money. Over time, Bunevith said the game will include more graphical elements.

The Twitter Game is part of BetAmerica’s new FanEx hub, dedicated to daily fantasy sports games. The Twitter Game is the first in a series of pop culture fantasy games coming from BetAmerica. We’ll see games based on major award shows such as the Grammys or the Oscars. The Twitter Game title is launching today.

Bunevith said the game is a like fantasy sports, which are classified as games of skill in many states. That means it is legal to bet on them, in contrast to games of chance, which are classified as gambling.

As an example, here’s how many times these celebrities tweeted recently: Piers Morgan 42.30; Chad Johnson 42.60; Nicki Minaj 31.50; Russell Simmons 42.50; Wil Wheaton 33.40; Oprah Winfrey 14.80; LL COOL J 24.60; Diddy 12.30; Snoop Dogg 12.50; Barack Obama 13.10; Paris Hilton 9.70; Kim Kardashian 11.00; Jordin Sparks 11.10; Anderson Cooper 6.90; Suze Orman 7.60; Lindsay Lohan 7.40; and Miley Cyrus 7.10.

BetAmerica has been running horse racing games for years, and it recently launched its fantasy sports gamesSan Francisco-based BetAmerica has paid out more than $100 million to players since 2007, so the company believes it will be able to handle the demand if the sports category grows. BetAmerica has 35 employees and it uses a common platform across its games. Rivals include FanDuel.

“We’re expanding our brand beyond the sports betting genre in a big way,” Bunevith said.

Twitter Game

Above: Twitter Game

Image Credit: BetAmerica