Developer PopCap is gearing up to release Peggle 2, it’s physics-based puzzler, exclusively first for Xbox One. While the game is bringing back the peg-destroying ball-shooting gameplay that studio introduced in the original, it is changing up a few things with new characters, art, and animation.

To show off some of the changes, PopCap released a trio of new gameplay videos today that focus on three different Peggle Masters: the returning Master Bjorn and rookies Master Luna and Master Berg.

Master Luna

Luna is a dead girl who can make her Peggle ball fly through blue begs and destroy them. This enables players to aim for the important orange pegs.

Master Berg

Berg, a pantsless yeti, can freeze the stage, causing the pegs to move when the ball hits them. This might help keep the ball in play longer and to hit more surrounding pegs.

Master Bjorn

Bjorn, like in Peggle, can show the player how the ball will bounce. This time the predictive power can see the next three bounces the ball will take.

In addition to the new characters and powers, Peggle 2 has a slight cartoon-flair to its characters that wasn’t present in the previous games. The characters also stand to the side of the gameplay and react to the action with contextually aware animations. It adds a lot to the style of Peggle 2.

While the game is due out exclusively for Xbox One at first, PopCap does plan to eventually release it on other platforms.