It’s been a big week for the Chromebook, first with the HP Chromebook 11, and now with the Acer C720

The device, which actually debuted earlier this year, is further proof that Chromebook makers finally understand how to do Chromebooks right: The 11.6-inch C720 is thin, boots up in seconds, and most notably, features a 8.5- battery life. That’s a big update over last year’s C7, whose own battery life was a perplexing 3.5 hours.

Much of that battery increase comes from the C720’s new Haswell architecture, which Intel showed off last month.

The price also makes sense for a Chromebook: At $250, the C720, is more expensive than its predecessor, but it’s also cheaper than HP’s Chromebook 11. That price seems to be the sweet spot for Google’s minimal take on the laptop, and its good to see that manufacturers have realized that as well. (Though, granted, Samsung got the ball rolling with its own Chromebook last year.)

Last, Acer seems to have learned from another one of the C7’s glaring mistakes and removed the 320GB hard drive. In contrast, the C720 has 16GB solid state drive, which makes far more sense for a device like this.

The C720 is available for pre-order starting today —  though, notably, not on Google Play.