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“What Can a #Machine Learn from Tweets About the #Weather?” It turns out quite a bit. Alex Sorokin, CrowdFlower’s head of data science, will lead a session at the fourth annual CrowdConf on Oct. 22 in San Francisco, about the possibilities of what a machine can learn from thousands of tweets about the weather. Using the crowd for data mining and machine learning is just one of the many fascinating topics on the agenda for this year’s CrowdConf, which is the longest running crowdsourcing industry event.

An international audience of more than 300 crowdsourcing practitioners, executives, investors, entrepreneurs, and researchers will come together to discuss and share the latest trends in crowdsourcing. Here are a few of the other emerging trends in crowdsourcing that attendees will learn about at this one-day event:

Innovations Using the Crowd for Marketing: What Every CMO Should Know
Beyond crowdsourced design are emerging solutions that every head of marketing should be using. This panel will identify ways to recruit voice talent for advertising, use gamification to motivate crowds and communities, and much more.

Microtasking Platform Best Practices
Now that crowdsourcing has matured, organizations are looking for platforms to help them design and manage their crowdsourced jobs. This panel will explore best practices from early adopters.

VB TRansform 2020: The AI event for business leaders. San Francisco July 15 - 16

Crowdsourcing and Movie Marketing
Did you know Hollywood studios use crowdsourcing to determine advertisement strategies for the movies you watch? Find out their tricks from the agency that helps them do it.

Using the Crowd to Interpret Satellite Imagery
Is that an image of an ocean, a bay, a bridge, a boat, an island, or an old prison? Learn how crowds can be used to interpret satellite images.

Paying the Crowd
How do you pay the millions of people around the world doing crowdsourcing? Find out.

How to Build an Amazing Remote Team
From remote employees to communities to the crowd, there are many ways to build the kind of team you need.

Crowdsourcing in Government
Whether local, state, or federal, there are a number of ways crowds can help make governments agencies more efficient.

Crowdsourcing in Financial Services
Banks, mutual funds, and financial information providers are turning to crowdsourcing to deal with mountains of information. This wide-ranging discussion will explore what is currently being done and what possibilities are emerging.

Crowdsourcing Best Practices for eCommerce
The crowd is hard at work behind the world’s leading marketplace. Discover what they do and why it’s critical to eBay’s business.

Want to learn more about how your business could be leveraging the power of the crowd? Check out the complete conference agenda here.

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