Mobile-gaming publisher Gree has a new role-playing game out for iOS and Android.

The company released Dragon Realms today for the top mobile operating systems. It is a fantasy game where players can build up a squad of mighty heroes to take on quests and face off against other players in the title’s versus mode.

“So often we see mobile RPG titles that don’t require much strategic thinking, but in Dragon Realms, we set out to create a uniquely immersive experience by giving players a more direct role in their gameplay through constant gameplay feedback and the ability to make impactful decisions,” Gree senior vice president of social games Ken Chiu said in a statement.

Gree’s mobile RPGs — Crime City, Kingdom Age, and Modern War — are consistently in the top 50 highest-grossing or most-downloaded charts on iOS and Android. The publisher is hoping Dragon Age, which is being developed in the company’s San Francisco studios, will join those titles in that success.