Do you think that in the eyes of Western creative workers, Russia is the birthplace of bears, Skolkovo start-ups, and falling rocket projects that change the world?

You will be disappointed by this campaign, which in its first week exceeded the request for Kickstarter more than 12-fold, is a graphic novel about how in 1943, Stalingrad was captured by zombies.

The illustrator Jeff McComsey from Lancaster, author of FUBAR, a popular comic book series about zombies, is raising money to make a graphic novel (although with such a story he could have tried to collect funds for an indie game).

The project, called Mother Russia, is the story of a woman, a child, a sniper rifle, and two million zombies in Nazi-surrounded Stalingrad in the winter of 1943.

In short, the zombies captured the city, bit all the Nazis, and the Second World War ended, leaving hordes of wandering ghouls. And now one lonely girl, a sniper sitting in a building, keeps shooting them down one by one, until she notices a child on the square in front of her, who somehow survived.

Zombie Stalingrad Kickstarter_big

While crazed geeks tremble and yearn to see what will happen next, the American artist and experimenter invites them to donate some money ($45,000 has been collected instead of the initially planned $3,500, and judging by the fact that there is still one month to go, this amount will only grow).

It seems that the Kickstarter community leans toward the nerdy for these kinds of projects, not only in the gaming industry and in movies, but in the comic book industry as well.

At the same time, people in America and Europe are still wondering why Russians have not ceased to live by the stereotypes of the Cold War, though they incidentally reproduce these stereotypes in every work of popular culture from movies to comic books.

Russia, Zombies, Stalingrad. We are looking forward to the release of this new production.

This story originally appeared on EWDN. Copyright 2013