Game livestreaming site Twitch will only have one short commercial tomorrow for people who view the site between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Pacific time thanks to Sony Computer Entertainment.

The one-time ad Twitch viewers will see tomorrow.

Above: The one-time ad Twitch viewers will see tomorrow.

Image Credit: Twitch

The company is introducing a new advertising product that enables brands to pay for an ad-free experience across all of Instead of commercials, Twitch will show one short video explaining that Sony is sponsoring the site for a day followed by a preroll video extolling the features of the PlayStation 4 next-gen console.

That ad will only show once to each user regardless of the channel they are viewing. No additional ads will run during the 12-hour window of Sony’s sponsorship.

“This first-to-market event truly showcases the way fantastic brands like the PS4 can maximize their marketing messaging while benefiting the Twitch users here in North America,” Twitch vice president of sales Andy Swanson said in a statement. “It’s a great example of how Twitch’s unique live streaming platform can balance the needs of both its partners and its passionate gaming community”.

Twitch points out that other video-based sites can enable a brand to pay for ad-free viewing on a channel-by-channel basis. This Sony event covers the entirety of and all of its streaming channels.

This isn’t Sony’s only partnership with Twitch. The two companies are working together to provide native livestreaming of PlayStation 4 games when the console launches in November. Using the Share button the PlayStation 4’s controller, gamers can quickly bring up a menu to begin broadcasting their gameplay to the website.