Sometimes it feels like the creator of the Delta Six controller is courting controversy, and the commercial for the rifle-like device is likely to draw exactly that.

The idea of the Delta Six is to make a controller feel like shooting a real weapon. Check out the ad below to see what I mean:

The Delta Six is a full-sized lookalike of a military-style assault rifle that players can use to control their first-person shooters. It features motion sensors that enable players to point and shoot where they want. Popping in and out the magazine reloads the in-game weapon, and the Delta Six knows when you’re looking down sight.

It works with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It will ship this holiday, and you can preorder it now for $265. Delta Six creator David Kotkin told GamesBeat in May that he is making this gun for adults.

“When I was growing up during the ’70s, there was a push to get rid of toy guns and violent cartoons,” he said. “Those were the things I loved most as a child. They took Three Stooges off the air and Johnny Quest because it showed guns. Saturday cartoons suddenly became so bland. They had no more punching and no more action. Maybe I’m still a kid — but I’m not some gun guy. I don’t even own guns, but I’m just against others curtailing my fun.”

It’s already drawn criticism from television programs like The View. The hosts of that show accused Kotkin of needing therapy.