Backing up data is easy — but doing it for hundreds of employees and across a slew of devices isn’t.

That’s where Druva comes in: It has developed an endpoint backup product that lets you protect your company’s data as well as easily access it, no matter what device it comes from.

Druva announced today that it has raised $25 million in a third round of funding from Sequoia Capital, Nexus Venture Partners, and new investor Tenaya Capital.

It’s not a huge surprise that investors are hopping on the company. Data protection is something that every organization, including government agencies, have to worry about. Druva’s “InSync” solution is something IT administrators can deploy to computers and mobile devices to automatically back up data — employees don’t have to do anything on their own. Druva can backup structured and unstructured data, and it also lets employees and IT admins easily find specific files, even something obscure like a photo on a smartphone.

“Our core ‘secret sauce’ is an architecture that stores data and metadata,” Druva founder and CEO Jaspreet Singh told VentureBeat. That means businesses can do plenty of things with their backed up data, including data mining (the discovery of patterns from large data sets) and forensics. Singh notes that Druva has “deep expertise” in things like watermarking and datamarking, which help businesses mark and track their files.

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While Druva competes with the likes of Symantec and HP, Singh says it differs from competitors with its focus on backup architecture. Druva has more than 2,000 paying customers, including big names like NASA, Fusion IO, and GE Energy.

The company will use the new funding to expand its research and development as well as sales and marketing. (Basically, what most successful firms aim for with their third funding rounds.)

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Druva has now raised a total of $42 million to date.