Twitter updated its S-1 prospectus today and told the world it will be listing on the New York Stock Exchange, not the NASDAQ. In addition, the company confirmed that it would list under the symbol TWTR.

Social media rival Facebook, of course, listed on the NASDAQ, as have many other tech companies.

It’s unlikely that Facebook’s initial stock issues, including a glitchy first day of trading, affected Twitter’s decision to go with the NYSE, but the company may just want to be on a different exchange than its biggest rival.

NASDAQ’s stock fell slightly on the news.

Twitter also updated a few of its numbers in the new filing.

Perhaps the most significant is that active users has now hit 232 million, up from the 218 million first reported in initial versions of the prospectus. That’s a big deal, because Twitter’s flattening growth — and massively international userbase — has been a potentially cautionary note for investors.

Twitter says it had 48 billion tweet impressions in the third quarter, up from 30 billion in Q2, which is also a growth signal.

However, the company also updated its total accumulated deficit to date, which has hit $483.2 million as of September 30, 2013. The number in Twitter’s previous version of its S-1 was only $418.6 million, a massive change of $65 million. That could indicate significant spending to pimp the numbers in preparation for its IPO as well as reflecting multiple recent acquisitions, including MoPub. Revenue is also up, but not nearly as significantly, and Twitter has been forced to warn that its revenue growth rate “will slow in the future as a result of a variety of factors, including the gradual slow down in the growth rate of our user base.”

The company’s costs will likely slow down as well, at least as a percentage of revenue, as it transitions to a more mature company. But not all the big expenses are behind it:

“In addition, we entered into amendments to certain lease agreements in 2013 to expand the capacity of existing data center facilities through 2020, and increased our total commitments under such leases to $230.3 million,” the company says in the new S-1.

In related news, CNBC reported that the company’s road show, in which it will present itself to potential investors, is expected to start on October 25. The company has already accidentally revealed its intended IPO date: November 15.