Earnings season at VentureBeat is like some kind of death march for us writers. We do our best to write up interesting stories about the stats reported by each company, but then, there are the calls.

Oh gods, the calls! You want to listen to an old dude read a very long press release? Get on an earnings call. Need to kill an hour and a half listening to stuff you already knew? Earnings call. Can’t relax enough for your afternoon nap?

You guessed it! Earnings call! Yes!

Instead of torturing analysts and press, Yahoo is broadcasting a high-quality video, complete with a set, graphics, and natural-sounding human beings. Sure, it’s scripted, and CEO Marissa Mayer’s acting prowess isn’t what it could be, but it’s a hot-dang sight better than what we’re used to.

The Yahoo earnings call gets our vote for prom queen. Now we just have to wait and see how the company’s going to justify a truly brutal Q3.

Google, Adobe, LinkedIn — take note.