If buzzwords were horses, I’d be a rancher instead of sitting behind this slightly sticky desk, staring at a smudged screen, and retyping the pleas, boasts, and promises of a thousand startup founders and flacks.

But enough about me! Let’s dish about this funding news.

Seattle-based startup Usermind has taken $7.6 million in a first round of funding from Andreessen Horowitz. You probably intuited as much from the headline, you clever hedgehog, you.

Where it gets tricky is the entire rest of the story.

Mobile, social, and SaaS are profoundly changing the way customers buy, and how businesses support and service them. Increasingly, the key to business success is business operations that work seamlessly across sales, marketing, support, and services. While the bar for customer experience is shifting, the tools to deliver it are lagging – remaining highly siloed by team with fragmented data. As a result, businesses miss valuable insights and lack key levers to improve their business model. In addition, once improvements are identified, the difficulty involved in evolving the automated business processes limits innovation and dramatically decreases agility and experimentation. Usermind believes that the time to revolutionize business operations is now. …

“At usermind, we’re passionate about building enterprise software that breaks all the rules to find new solutions to everyday problems that are costing companies a lot of money, frustration and missed opportunities,” said [CEO Michel] Feaster. “We’re equally as passionate about the hidden talent that lives in Seattle, which is fast becoming the ‘Silicon Sound’ of the tech world. We are disruptive thinkers, doers, and believers. We know what it takes to build amazing software, and based on early feedback, we know the market can’t wait to get its hands on our solution.”

If parsing press releases were breeding, training, and selling horses, I’d be a very successful rancher, indeed. But this one would be the indomitable filly who refused to be bridled and who eventually jumped the fence and ran free and wild into the rising sun.

From the company website, all I can gather is that the Usermind is doing something around increasing conversion rates for software trials. Either there’s more to it, or Andreessen just threw $7.6 million at a bunch of buzzwords. We’re sure the former is the case, and we will be sitting here at this sticky communal desk with bated breath until we hear more news from Usermind.