Verizon is giving customers one more reason to never step foot into its stores.

The company is testing out a same-day delivery program, which lets customers order smartphones online and get them at home within hours.

verizon-same-day-deliveryThe program, which is already live in Philadelphia, has a few tiny drawbacks, however. For one, it costs $20 (a $5 premium over overnight delivery), and orders only qualify for it if they’re made before 10 AM.

Oh, and Verizon can only deliver devices that local stores have in stock.

Despite the somewhat limited need for this kind of thing, Verizon’s program is interesting, if only because it’s further proof that same-day delivery will soon be a constant reality — not just for Amazon, but for other retailers as well.

This, in the end, is good for consumers, who now have a lot more options for how they want their online orders delivered. In matters of online deliveries, you can never have too much choice.