Microsoft and gaming website Machinima announced a renewed partnership today to bring the content-creator’s videos to Xbox One through a new app.

The Machinima channel will use Xbox One’s features to improve how gamers find videos. Players can snap Machinima to the side of their screen at any time by just saying: “Xbox, snap Machinima.” This will bring up a column of videos based on the whatever the gamer is currently playing. This new channel will debut alongside the Xbox One on Nov. 22.

Machinima also announced a “Wingman” feature that will offer an even more integrated experience with certain games that support it. Machinima Wingman enables the app to serve up exclusive and custom-created videos that complement the viewer’s gameplay experience.

“This new and improved Machinima app will take advantage of the Xbox One platform capabilities to give gamers an unparalleled experience they can’t get anywhere else,” Machinima director of business development Matthew Cohen wrote in a blog post on

Machinima currently has an app on Xbox 360, but it’s only a video viewer.

“With our Xbox 360 experience ranking as one of the most popular and highest performing apps on the platform, we are really excited about delivering even more compelling experiences with Xbox One,” wrote Cohen.

Machinima’s app will also support Xbox One SmartGlass, Microsoft’s second-screen app that connects a tablet or smartphone with the Xbox One. Players can keep the game full screen while still getting all of the connected features and viewing all of the related content on a mobile device.