The Sundering is about to mess up the Forgotten Realms something fierce. As one of the Chosen (these are favored heroes of the gods), you can probably do something about that.

Dungeons & Dragons: Arena of War is live today for iOS devices. It is a free download available exclusively through the iTunes App Store.

Arena of War is a free-to-play role-playing game that has mobile adventurers banding together to fight against evil monsters. The story take place during The Sundering, which is a world event that “threatens the balance of power between the gods of good and evil.” That doesn’t sound very pleasant.

Developer Mobage designed Arena of War for publisher DeNA and Dungeons & Dragons rights-holder Wizards of the Coast. Despite the “Arena” in the title, the game has nothing to do with the recent wave of League of Legends-style multiplayer online battle-arena games.

Arena of War uses touch controls and skill-based strategy mechanics to challenge players in the Forgotten Realms. Gamers can customize their warrior with upgrades, powers, and equipment. Naturally, you can choose your own class, which have their own strengths and weaknesses, and Mobage will introduce new enemies each month to keep the action fresh.

While the new D&D title is currently only out for iOS, Mobage is working on an Android release. That version will hit Google Play in the near future, according to DeNA.