Netflix may soon begin experimenting with new content features (aka DVD extras) for its lineup of original programming.

The news comes from Netflix VP of product innovation Todd Yellin, who spoke about upcoming features at the GigaOm Mobilize event yesterday. The new content features would presumably include things like extended scenes, outtakes, and commentary tracks with directors, producers, and actors — pretty much all the stuff you’d find on a “special edition” DVD or Blu-ray disc of a popular movie or TV series.

The extras would first become available on shows like House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black — two programs that are not only exclusive to Netflix but that the company has made a significant investment in. However, if the extras prove successful (meaning a lot of people end up watching them), Netflix could begin offering them on other programs as well.

“We have that lightning bolt of an idea that it’s more than just a tiny percent user game,” Yellin said.

Personally, I don’t really care about DVD extras, and have never really been motivated to spend more money on a special edition physical media release to see them. That said, if they were available easily, I’d definitely watch. And if enough people feel the same, Netflix could be one small step closer to killing off its DVD-by-mail business  — because why else would you keep watching DVDs if you can get all the same stuff online?

Via Engadget