Now that Microsoft is no longer using its proprietary Points currency for purchases on its Xbox Live platform, it can start offering different ways for players to get gift cards and monthly subscriptions.

Alternative-payment platform Rixty revealed today that it is partnering with Microsoft to provide Xbox Live gift cards and Gold memberships. The company already signed deals with gift card distributors Coinstar and Great Lakes Scrip Center.

“Rixty is already an established alternative payment platform for online games, and we’re proud to be selected as one of the few approved Xbox Live Gift Card and Gold Membership wholesalers,” Rixty chief executive Ted Sorom said in a statement. “By expanding our channels to nontraditional resellers such as loyalty and incentive programs, we’re giving these partners access to lucrative new products and consumers more convenient ways to obtain their favorite entertainment content.”

Nontraditional resellers include the aforementioned Coinstar, which enables customers to turn their loose change into gift cards. Coinstar puts its kiosks in grocery stores around the country and can collect and count up change. The customer can then choose to turn that change into cash for a nearly 10 percent fee, or they can put the full amount into a gift card.

Rixty is putting Xbox Live gift cards in Coinstar kiosks.

Above: Rixty is putting Xbox Live gift cards in Coinstar kiosks.

Image Credit: Rixty

Great Lakes Scrip Center is another nontraditional distributor. It sells gift cards to nonprofits organizations’ members in bulk and rebates funds to those organizations.

Through Rixty, Xbox Live cards are now available through both Coinstar and Great Lakes Scrip Center.

“Rixty provides a simple and cost-effective way to obtain Xbox products in real-time and in the quantities and denominations we need,” Great Lakes Scrip Center vice president of retail partners Jill Whalen said. “By working with Rixty, we are able to expand our offering of convenient, electronically delivered products for our customers.”