Terrible advertising in mobile is the standard. How many interrupting pop-ups, unreadable banner ads, or accidental close-clicks have you experienced?

Trip Hawkins

Above: Trip Hawkins

Image Credit: Matt Lynley

We’ll address this problem at our GamesBeat 2013 conference with a panel dubbed “Creating mobile ad experiences that don’t suck.” The event will be on Oct. 29-Oct. 30 at the Sofitel Hotel in Redwood City, Calif.

As long as there is free-to-play in gaming, in-app advertisements will exist. Before you groan, boo, or hiss, think about this; 95 percent of players will never make an in-app purchase. Instead of just writing ads off as a necessary evil and spamming users with push notifications, what happens when developers approach advertising with the same level of precision and design as their game’s user experience? During this session, we’ll answer that question, learn how to increase ad revenue without hurting the user experience, and look to where we might be heading in the future.

Here are our panelists:

– Trip Hawkins (pictured), founder, Electronic Arts and Digital Chocolate
– Vatsal Bhardwaj, general manager, Storm8
– Michal Pilawski, vice president of mobile product management, NativeX
– David Kim, chief executive officer, Animoca

The moderator will be Vijay Chattha, the president of VSC.

Our theme for the conference is the “Battle Royal,” where all companies compete across platforms, territories, digital and physical markets, and categories of games.

We’ve entered an era where many firms are vying for gamers’ time in the same space. Apple and Google want to get in the living room and are waging war against Nintendo and Sony. Microsoft already has an edge in living room entertainment with its Xbox Live service, but it wants a piece of mobile as well. It’s a confusing time for gamemakers. Where should they take their titles? Which platforms will provide the best experiences? Who will make them the most money?

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Battle Royal is GamesBeat 2013's theme

Above: Battle Royal is GamesBeat 2013’s theme

Image Credit: GamesBeat

We’ll roll out a steady drumbeat of speakers as we get closer to GamesBeat 2013′s October date. We expect to have more than 80 of the gaming industry’s best lined up for our fifth annual event.

Each year, GamesBeat follows a big trend. In 2009, we focused on how “All The World’s a Game,” with the explosion of games on the global stage. In 2010, GamesBeat@GDC focused on “Disruption 2.0.” In 2011, our theme was “Mobile Games Level Up,” investigating the busy intersection of games and mobile technology. In 2012, we explored “The Crossover Era,” the time when so many big game companies and startups were transforming themselves by expanding from one market to the next. Our judges, meanwhile, are already busy picking the finalists in the Who’s Got Game Innovation Showdown for the best game startup.

As companies adapt to change, we’re witnessing disruption, adaptation, consolidation, innovation, and the arrival of big money. We’re talking billions of dollars that are at stake. We’re expecting 400 notables from throughout the game industry — social, mobile, online, and console. Please join us.

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