Time for a new Foundry Group video. If you want the backstory, go take a look at the post Foundry Group Announces Major Shift In Investment Strategy. If you just want a break from reality and hopefully a few laughs in the process, enjoy. 

The video has  more than 100 easter eggs referring to either portfolio companies of ours or other things in our lives. Some are obvious (like the T shirts), some are very obscure. If you find one, list it in the comments. The best, most obscure one will win a special treat.

Lyrics below.

Man, things are so hard these days

Tell me about it. I wish we could go back to when things just worked

You know, those old guys don’t know lucky they had it with all their technology 30 and 40 years ago

Y’all, you straight. Let me drop a story on you

I’m king of email, I craft a witty header

Anywhere, any time, life is so much better

Ninety unread emails. Inbox zero, hashtag #FAIL!

Life was better when we licked and stamped our letters

Gonna hit a new club with my favorite homie

Got GPS Satellites watchin’ over me

They got me to the spot, but they were off a block

Life was better when we trusted Rand McNally

Took 28 pictures of my gourmet dinner

I want to post them for all the world to honor

I shared on Instagram. No likes, I got no fans

My life was better with photos made of paper

I need a fact so I do a search on Google

All these results man, are giving me an eyeful

I see Viagra ads, That shit’s for older dads

My life was better using Dewey Decimal

Chorus: These are the worst of times (repeat)

So many videos, I could waste away my years

I’m rockin’ Gangnam Style, Harlem Shake has me in tears

Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, I got no time for you

Life was better with my TV and rabbit ears

Check out my new phone. Global connectivity

3G, 4G, I even got my LTE

So then I phoned my pop But still the damn call dropped

Life was better with faxes and a rotary

I found a website. Amazon, they sell it all!

Silk boxers, gouda cheese, they even got robotic balls

Addicted to “One Click.” Right to my house they ship

Y’all life was better fighting traffic at the shopping mall

I got my choice of every album ever made

iTunes, Spotify, anywhere I want it played

I just can’t choose between, Iron Maiden, Beiber, Sting

Life was better with my vinyl and mix tapes

Chorus: These are the worst of times (repeat)

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This story originally appeared on Brad Feld. Copyright 2013