It’s that time of year! Everything tastes like freaking pumpkin, those brats you call your progeny are finally back in school, and your Hulu queue finally contains new episodes of Modern Family.

It doesn’t get better than this, folks. It’s couch season.

In honor of sitcoms and Snuggies, pumpkins and playlists, falling leaves and Grand Theft Auto, we’re taking a look at how the biggest players in digital entertainment are doing this fall.

Netflix keeps pumping out the good stuff in terms of original series creation and mainstream media partnerships. The company has its Q3 earnings call coming up next week, but investors are already showing signs of confidence in the company, driving prices up 10 percent this week.

Pandora’s seen quite a few changes lately, with its new CEO and big-money stock sale. Business matters aside, the company proved its modern product design chops were still bangin’ with a gorgeous new iOS 7 app. Pandora leads the pack in today’s roundup with a 13 percent stock price bump for the week.

Amazon’s biggest, most interesting plays over the past few years have been around Prime media and Kindle — two products that have totally reshaped the company since their inception. And as we inch week by week toward the shoppingest time of the year, we’re sure the online retailer will have more media, more money, and more magic up its sleeves. For the week, Amazon is up around 6 percent.

Xbox-maker Microsoft and PlayStation-maker Sony are duking it out in the gaming world, but in the stock market, both companies had minimal movement. Sony’s down around 2 percent, and Microsoft is up 2 percent.

NFLX Chart

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