The Tylt VÜ Wireless Charger makes it easy to charge a smartphone without connecting it to a wired charger.

You have to have a Qi-compatible smartphone in order to use the VÜ, which has three wireless charging circles on a tilted stand. Most Qi wireless chargers require you to exactly align a charging circle on the device to a charging circle on the stand. But you can can rest your phone either vertically or horizontally on the VÜ charger and it will still charge. It doesn’t have to be aligned perfectly. I saw a demo of the charger at the Pepcom holiday gift event in San Francisco last week.

That means that you can just plug the charger in at your desk and drop the phone on the 45-degree angle stand while you’re using a computer. Since the stand is angled, you can see the display while it is charging. The device will charge even if you have a case on your phone.

It doesn’t work with all phones yet. It works with the following U.S. models: LG Nexus 4, Optimus 2, Revolution, Spectrum, Spectrum 2, Lucid, Lucid 2, G2, and Connect 4G; the Nokia Lumia models: 810, 820, 822 and 920; the Asus Nexus 7; the HTC 8X; the Samsung Galaxy Note II, the S III, and the S4; the Motorola Droid 3, 4, Bionic, Maxx, Mini, and RZR Maxx-HD; and the HTC Droid DNA. The device has a 1 Amp output and it weighs 5.7 ounces. It costs $70.

VÜ wireless charger generates 1 amp output.

Above: VÜ wireless charger generates 1 amp output.

Image Credit: Tylt

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