Hewlett-Packard isn’t having the easiest time selling PCs right now, but all-in-one desktop computers are a growth market. They’re also a technological challenge as HP has to cram more tech smarts into smaller and thinner spaces.

Joe Marenin, chief technology officer in the enterprise PC division at HP, showed us how the company does that with the its newest HP all-in-one EliteOne 800 G1 computer. Desktops may be on their way out, but all-in-one computers are still popular. And with an enthusiastic huckster like Marenin, HP is doing everything it can to keep PCs competitive when it comes to grabbing more of your computing time.

“People say that desktops are dead,” Marenin said. “We don’t believe that. For corporate and enterprise customers who truly want the lowest cost of ownership, the desktop all-in-one can give that to them.”

We watched Marenin wave his arms around a lot while talking to journalists at the recent Pepcom holiday gift event in San Francisco. He never gets tired of talking about the wonders of the computer. He shot this video with us. Check it out.