Eye-Fi’s newest photo memory card, the Mobi, makes it a breeze to upload photos from your favorite digital camera to the web. And today, the company is launching a 32-gigabyte, $99 version of the card so that you can share a lot more videos or photos instantly.

Eye-Fi makes a whole line of memory cards with built-in Wi-Fi networking, so you can upload photos on the fly as you take them. Then you can sync the images to your laptop or web site as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. Mobi also lets you automatically transfer photos to your smartphone or tablet.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company says the cards are perfect for proud parents, travelers, sports and food lovers, and other mobile photographers who prefer using a digital camera over a smartphone. It gives you reliable and fast photo transfers without wires or fuss.

Previously, Eye-Fi sold an 8-gigabyte card for $50 and a 16-gigabyte card for $80. The card creates its own short-range Wi-Fi network so that it can transfer photos to your Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone or tablet.

You have to download a free app for the iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android. Then you open the app and pair the card with your phone using Bluetooth capability. You enter your iOS password and the identification code on the Mobi. That makes sure that the card transfers images to your phone via Wi-Fi.

The card will transfer photos and videos whenever it detects new content on your camera. Once the transfer completes, the card disconnects its Wi-Fi to save on your phone’s battery life.

This lets you take advantage of your stand-alone camera’s better quality and your ability to share via your smartphone or tablet. From your phone, you can easily share the photos or videos on Facebook, Instagram Camera Awesome, text message, or email. If you pair this device with the newly released 4-in-1 Olloclip lens (which makes your iPhone into a much better quality camera) so that you can immediately sync those images to your laptop or website, you can see how rapidly mobile photo technology is evolving.

Eye-Fi is also offering a free 8×10 framed canvas print with purchase of a Mobi 32-gigabyte card from the Eye-Fi web site.

Eye-Fi was founded in 2005. Its investors include NTT DoCoMo, Opus Capital, Shasta Ventures, and TransLink Capital.

“Today’s photographer wants the ability to take great photos, as well as the simplicity and speed to share them immediately,” said Matt DiMaria, CEO of Eye-Fi. “The immediate success of Mobi has clearly shown that this is a perfect solution for both high-volume and everyday uses, and we’re thrilled to add capacity to an already well-loved product.”