Sometimes, a little spying can actually be a good thing.

For example, say you’re a mobile app developer whose app keeps crashing — or so the App Store reviews would have it. Trouble is, you can’t duplicate the crash, no matter how many tiny buttons you tap. Wouldn’t it be great to spy on your users’ screens to see exactly what the problem is so you can fix it?

Analytics/app monitoring startup Appsee is the proud sponsor of such “aha!” moments, and it’s announced a $1 million seed round of funding from Giza VC and angel investors.

Some of Appsee’s tools are everyday business analytics stuff — heatmaps, conversion data, attrition info. But the really cool part is getting to see a video play-by-play of what a user does to make the app crash.

Speaking of videos, here’s a little explanatory clip from the startup itself:

The Tel Aviv-based company says its SDK is simple to use and that devs only have to use one line of code in their own software to get up and running with Appsee.

The company launched last year.