Check out VentureBeat’s live coverage of Apple’s media event here.

At some point it became a thing to follow along with Apple’s giant media events, which we’re all grateful for because it gives us jobs. And for today, Apple is even providing a live stream of its event for those that would like to watch Tim Cook in action. [Note: There actually isn’t much “action” involved, just a lot of pacing back and forth from dudes usually wearing black. Maybe some excited hand motions in between slide show frames.]

Apple has updated its website with a new page that will carry the live stream of the event for free. In years past, you were required to view it on the Safari web browser, and it looks like those requirements are back again. You must be running at least Safari 4 via OS X desktops or Safari 4.2 via iOS devices.

Those with an Apple TV (second generation and higher) can also watch today’s media event on a larger screen, too. It seems that Apple has added a new app specifically for its live events via the main Apple TV software screen, provided your software is up to date.

As for what to expect from Apple’s media event, a slimmer/sexier iPad, a revised iPad Mini, an updated Mac Pro, and a few other things. You can read more about our speculation for Apple’s product announcements via this handy round up by VentureBeat’s most prolific (and only) Canadian reporter, John Koetsier.

The event kicks off at 10 a.m. PST today, but you can navigate to the live stream now in anticipation. As always, VentureBeat will be providing comprehensive coverage of all announcements made, so be sure to check back on our site.

Via MacRumors