If Facebook’s “sponsored” posts from brands and e-commerce sites really annoy you, Adblock is here to save the day.

Today, the company announced an interesting product update that lets you cut down on the clutter in your news feed.

Adblock Plus can clear away promoted posts, sponsored stories, sidebar targeted ads, upcoming events, requests to rate media, and the always awkward “people you may know,” which we all realize is basically a list of your exes.

You can choose to block ’em all, block only news feed ads, or block the sidebar. Check it out.

With this move, Adblock Plus has cultivated an interesting relationship with Facebook — kind of like its relationship with Google. It’s incredibly popular ad-blocking plugin for Chrome surely irks the tech giant, and the Adblock app for Android was outright blocked.

“Google wanted to stop Adblock Plus before it got too popular. They chose to do it now because it’s still easy and the userbase isn’t there yet,” said Adblock Plus founder Till Faida recently.

We’ll see if Facebook retaliates in kind.

Meanwhile, Reddit seems to be quite cozy with Adblock Plus. The latter company no longer blocks Reddit ads by default, thanks to Reddit’s secure position on the AdBlock Plus whitelist.