ViewDo Labs is betting major enterprises want to know more about what’s happening on their internal social networks.

The startup today rolled out its ViewPoint Enterprise analytics application, which tracks user adoption, group activity, and influential users on Yammer and Microsoft SharePoint. Support for Jive, Chatter, Tibbr, and Huddle is coming soon.

“Sometimes it’s a stab in the dark as to who you feel like the true influencer within an organization is, and there’s no way to measure that influencer tab from any of the products without our help,” Tim Yandel, ViewDo’s regional vice president of sales, told VentureBeat.

ViewDo influencerThe loudest people aren’t always the most influential, stressed Yandel. To determine relative influence,¬†ViewPoint considers shares, likes, and references in addition to total posts and post frequency.

You can also set up custom alerts for specific keywords, presumably to ensure employees don’t leak sensitive information (or badmouth coworkers).

“It’s really the cockpit of an enterprise’s social network,” said Yandel. “People see the value of doing a collaborative network, but their main problem is the lack of insight they have on it and¬†the lack of control they have over it.”

ViewDo will address the second half of that problem (control) when it updates the product with additional governance capabilities that enable you to manage users, groups, and content. Those features are scheduled to arrive early next year, according to Yandel.

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ViewDo’s foremost competitors may not be competing analytics companies, but rather the enterprise social networks themselves, which could conceivably implement similar functionality directly into their platforms. We know of at least one company (which VentureBeat agreed not to name) planning to do just that.

ViewDo Labs is based in Woburn, Mass. and currently has 35 employees. It hasn’t raised any funding other than an undisclosed angel round from its board of advisors.