Halloween doesn’t just mean spooky television specials for your favorite characters anymore. These days, TV shows sometimes even get themed video games to celebrate the holidays.

That’s what Cartoon Network and developer Grumpyface are doing with the release of Ghost Toasters — Regular Show. This mobile shooter has players fighting off waves of ghosts as the cast of Cartoon Network hit Regular Show. It’s available right now for iOS and for Android on Google Play and Amazon App Store. The game is $3, and it also features microtransactions.

Ghost Toasters is a level-based shooter where gamers control Regular Show stars Mordecai or Rigby (or a number of other characters) as they use a variety of weapons to zap the ghouls that are haunting their house. Each level has a time limit, and gamers need to zap a certain number of ghosts while also getting other pickups to meet the goals for each stage.

Each character has their own main weapon. Mordecai has a pulse rifle, while Rigby uses a pair of repeat-fire automatic laser pistols. In addition to these primary tools, the game also has a number of powerups like an electronic keyboard that will kill all the enemies on screen with the power of synthesizer music.

Ghost Toasters captures the look and sound of the show, with characters often calling out their catchphrases. Check out the gallery below to see what the game looks like in action: