Usually the only time you’re ever able to watch an entire season (or more) of a TV show (aka binge watching) is if the episodes are old or it’s an original series from Netflix. However, today MTV seems to be breaking that trend by releasing one of its new reality series entirely online via MTV apps for mobile devices and streaming devices.

The show, “Wait ‘Til Next Year,” is a documentary-style reality series based on high school football. MTV is foregoing the traditional practice of airing a single episode once a week, every week. Instead, with this new “binge watching” model, viewers will be able to access the whole season on the TV network’s website. MTV still plans to air the episodes in order every Friday, too.

This is an interesting development because, thus far, major cable and broadcast networks have built their business model around a season of new content that’s only released once a week — ensuring you keep the audience engaged and open to checking out some of its other programming. (Not to mention that the well-performing shows also are able to justify charging higher advertising rates.) MTV obviously thinks adding “Wait ‘Til Next Year” as a binge watching option won’t take away from that regular weekly release.

If successful, experiments like this could lead to a model where you don’t always have to wait until the current season of a TV show has finished its run before being able to “binge watch” on services like Netflix — even though Netflix is willing to pay a premium to get the latest content available from TV networks.

And while I’m excited to see cable networks integrate binge watching of new content into their business models, I wish I could say the same for that damn MTV reality show. (Because seriously, high school football?)

Via The Wrap