Sony is giving its players a way to interface with the PlayStation Network and its upcoming PlayStation 4 through a new mobile app.

The company will launch the PlayStation App for iOS and Android on Nov. 13 in North America. That’s two days before the PS4 launches in that territory. The app will launch Nov. 22 in Europe, which is seven days prior to the next-gen’s launch on that continent.

The app enables gamers to manage their PlayStation Network profiles, friends list, and more through a smartphone or tablet. Using the app, gamers can also get second-screen content for select PlayStation 4 titles. Using this, players can get things like maps and other supplemental information about the game they are playing. Other titles enable players to generate content on a phone or tablet and then zap into their game.

This is similar to Microsoft’s SmartGlass app that connects tablets and smartphones to the Xbox 360. Microsoft is bringing over SmartGlass support to the Xbox One is well. The Xbox app, which is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, gives gamers a second-screen experience, but they can also use it as a controller for Netflix.