What do a Vulcan science officer, a soccer star, and a mech have in common? They’re all shills for the new Xbox One.

Microsoft debuted its first TV ad today that invites players to experience the games and multimedia capabilities of its next-gen system. The 90-second commercial stars actor Zachary Quinto (Spock from the Star Trek reboots), English national team soccer star Steven Gerrard, and a giant mech suit from upcoming Xbox One shooter Titanfall.

The ad has Spock, Gerrard, the mech, and others — including a Roman Legionnaire and a zombie —  gesturing with their hands to invite normal people to join in on the action while a pop-rock song coerces you to “come on” with its lyrics. The video then shows off the Xbox One owners using their voice to start games and movies. It also shows one of the players receiving a Skype call on their TV from a friend who wants to talk about a soccer goal.

Check it out below:

Xbox One debuts Nov. 22 for $500. That’s a week after Sony will release its next-gen PlayStation 4 for $400. Sony previously started its ad campaign for the PS4, and you can see the videos here.