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Update 11/19: Battlefield 4 is now out! Best release day deal: PC digital copy with bonus of $7 cash-back or $9 store credit for the Origin key. There is also a BF4 Premium deal that just surfaced, grab BF4 premium at 20% off! Use coupon GFDNOV20 (expires soon)

Preordering is like playing Spin the Bottle. It’s risky… but there’s a chance you’ll wind up with a winner. If you’re considering preordering Battlefield 4, we’ve found some pretty solid incentives to jump the gun this weekend.

  • PC gamers can get a hot 20% off the ticket price of Battlefield 4. This drops your total from $59.99 to $48 – a respectable $12 off.
  • Xbox 360 & PS3 gamers have a few good options, but the best overall value is Walmart with their $10 eGift Card bonus and a bonus copy of Battlefield 3.
  • Xbox One & PS4 gamers have a little time before BF4 releases, but there’s a reasonable offer at Dell this weekend with a $25 gift card incentive for the next-gen consoles.

*Pre-load for the North American PC version of BF4 was suppose to start at least 24 hours prior to the October 29, 12:01AM EDT release date as per EA’s posted release schedule, but we’ve got intel from retailers that pre-load will start as soon as Saturday Oct 26 at 11AM EDT for North America, followed by Monday October 28 at 11AM CET for the UK and Europe.

Update: Pre-load is now confirmed to be available. Origin download is 23.85 GB. Better get started!

China Rising DLC in All Pre-Order Bonuses


All Battlefield 4 preorders regardless of platform or retailer come with the “China Rising” Expansion Pack. For some, this may be a good enough reason to preorder, similar to how back in 2011 the Battlefield 3: Limited Edition included the Back to Karkand expansion. The pack comes with 4 additional multiplayer maps, new in-game vehicles and gear. For complete details of the pre-order bonuses available on each platform, check the full breakdown below.


PC Pre-Order Bonuses

bf4-pcAs mentioned above, the 20% off code is the best outright deal for the Battlefield 4 Origin key. Alternatives include Amazon for full price but with a bonus $5 credit and a Battlepack DLC bonus (extra multiplayer customization options). Dell Home also offers the physical DVD copy for full price with a $25 PROMO eGift Card.

Xbox 360 Pre-Order Bonuses

bf4-360If you’re preordering on the 360, you’ve got a few options available. Your best value is probably Walmart, netting you an emailed $10 gift card and a free copy of Battlefield 3 which goes for about $20 at most retailers (total value $30). Otherwise, there’s Dell’s offer with a bonus $25 PROMO gift card. Amazon offers a $10 credit + Battlepack DLC, Best Buy will give you $10 in My Best Buy rewards, GameStop has a double XP bonus for the weekend of November 2nd, and lastly, the Microsoft Store will give you $10 Xbox gift code usable on Xbox LIVE.

PlayStation 3 Pre-Order Bonuses

bf4-ps3Similar to the Xbox 360, the best PS3 deal is probably Walmart’s special with a $10 eGift Card and a copy of Battlefield 3 (~$30 value). Gamers who already own a copy of BF3 and see the bonus as pointless can opt for Dell’s $25 PROMO gift card instead. The PROMO gift card at Dell arrives via email 10-20 days after the game is shipped in the mail and carries a 90 day expiration in most states. Other notable offers include Amazon’s $10 credit + Battlepack DLC, Best Buy’s $10 rewards bonus, and GameStop’s double XP weekend.

Xbox One Pre-Order Bonuses

bf4-xboneThis version of the game releases on November 19th, and while you have the most time to preorder, you also have fewer options than other platforms. Dell is still offering their $25 gift card – a solid option. Amazon includes the Battlepack DLC bonus, but without the $10 credit you get with the other platforms. Best Buy will give you $10 worth of “My Best Buy” (formerly Reward Zone) points. Lastly, the Microsoft Store will throw in a $10 Xbox gift code they’ll send via email which is redeemable on Xbox LIVE.

PlayStation 4 Pre-Order Bonuses

bf4-ps4If you’ve already preordered the PlayStation 4 and want to preorder a copy of BF4, you should know you’ll get the game on Nov. 12th – 3 days before the Nov. 15th console release date. Dell’s $25 Gift Code offer is probably your best option right now, but you’ll have to do that fast, as the offer expires November 3rd. Otherwise, Best Buy will give you $10 in rewards, or you could go for Amazon with their exclusive Battlepack DLC.

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