Netflix has signed a new agreement with CBS to bring hit show Dexter to its streaming service, the company announced today.

The move is significant because Dexter is part of the content library originally debuted by Showtime, and as such was yanked by CBS way back in 2011 for fear that licensing it out to Netflix would dilute Showtime’s ability to bring in new subscribers via cable — along with other premium cable channels like Starz. The move could also signal that CBS might be ready to start licensing its shows once again to Netflix.

The deal will see the entire series of Dexter come to the service, including the eighth season, which aired its finale on Showtime last month. CBS’s decision was probably helped by the fact that fans felt that ending was more of a thud than a bang, which tends to make a show drop off of people’s recommendation list. Still, I’m sure Netflix members will be more than happy for the injection of fresh content.

Seasons 1-4 will become available on Halloween day, with the remaining season to follow in the near future, according to the company.