The days of manually counting calories could soon be over.

Canadian startup Airo has created a fitness band that not only tracks your sleep and heart rate, but also your eating habits.

How, exactly, does it pull that off? Apparently, by using a spectrometer to peer into your blood and “detect metabolites as they are released during and after your meals,” the company says.

Er, right.

As far I understand it, by looking at your blood, Airo can tell you whether that last meal you had was a good one for you, which is pretty impressive if it works how the team says it does. It also means that users won’t have to manually keep track of their meals, a pain point not even the big fitness band makers have solved yet.

In addition to food intake, the device measures stress, exercise, and sleep, making it pretty comparable to the other fitness devices on the market — at least on paper.

More, Airo says that all of that is tracked so that the device can give users “actionable insights” about their health. Which means that it not only tracks your activity, but it will also tell you what to do with that data.

Sadly, Airo doesn’t plan to ship its $150 device until next fall, so we’re going to have to wait a while to see how well any of its promised features actually work. You can preorder the device today, though I’m not sure I’d recommend doing so just yet.